Orgone EMF Art Pyramid - Joie de Vivre

Orgone EMF Art Pyramid - Joie de Vivre

Orgone Energy Alchemy

We are swimming in a sea of electro magnetic frequency

and the effects on our human organism are not yet fully

understood in either their range or effect.

Network enabled devices are ubiquitous and

There is a wealth of information available that EMFs are

having increasingly

negative consequences on our circadian rhythms,

our sleep, our health and our peace of mind.

The Art

These beautiful Orgone mini masterpieces are designed and

made by the EMF Alchemist Wizard himself.  Each piece is individually

handcrafted to high quality, sacred geometry standards and will beautifully

and stylishly neutralize and transform harmful EMF in your environment.

This pyramid is 5.5cm tall and contains garnet, rose quartz, copper and brass.

This pyramid is designed to help you manifest vitality, love, creativity and zest

for life whilst healing your environment.

The Theory

Resin is an insulator and is comprised of organic compounds

that draw in frequency. Layered crystals and metal draw in EMF.  The crystals

squeezed by the pressure of the resin emit a piezoelectric charge, absorbing

negative frequency and changing it.

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